Oct 18, 2016

Dot planning tools for events

written by Mike

Dot planning is the name given to the activity of identifying the location of people around an event. Locations of people are  determined using dots placed on a map of a venue. On this map different colour dots are placed in specific locations to indicate the presence of a person, be it member of staff, volunteer, media, security, official or anyone else of note. The idea is to get a visualisation of who is where at a venue. Once completed it should be easy for anyone to look at a venue and understand where people should be. This information can also be used for shift planning and identifying efficiency savings, such as where an individual can do multiple roles to support multiple functions. Dot plans are also used for identifying rest, refreshment, toilets, accreditation requirements and lots more key operational details.

Our experience of dot plans is one of the key factors that led to the introduction of the Event Mapping Solution. Clients were using antiquated methods for capturing data, using images or whiteboards. IDLdn introduced the concept of using Geo-spatial Information Systems (GIS) to present the location of people within plans of venues. By using a single database of locations everyone could see each others plans leading to a better planned operation. By using the advanced features of a GIS solution, clients are also able to change dot plans by time, date and place. Since we introduced clients to this approach we have found that they embrace the simplicity, accessibility and effectiveness of this tool. Over the last several events we have refined the best approach and now have a standard set of templates which can be used for any event looking to undertake a dot planning exercise.

If your organisation is about to start a dot planning exercise, please get in touch as we would love to share our insight.