May 31, 2016

Drones for events

written by Mike

In 2015 we began exploring how drone technology could be used for major events. Major events by their nature are typically never in the same place twice, and due to their scale mean that a whole new layer of operations is typically engaged to make things work smoothly. Having the ability to rapidly get aerial visibility of what is going on (without calling in a helicopter) provides organisers with amazing insight into how a site, stadium or transport links are working.

One of the key issues we have faced when exploring how drones can assist major events is knowing where to start, outside of the obvious applications in broadcast how else can drones add value to your event. Here are a few of the applications we have tested so far:

  • Site evaluation and planning
  • Mapping data updates
  • Up to date aerial imagery
  • Hazard identification
  • Operational surveillance
  • Site set-up configuration
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Pedestrian flow rates
  • Security
  • Promotional media

We are constantly reviewing new applications for drones in major events so if you need any ideas please get in touch.