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Event Mapping Solution

The IDLdn event mapping solution provides event organisers with a ready-made geospatial information system, configured specifically for events. The solution comes with a wide range of base data, pre-configured layers for operations, staffing, transport, security, advertising and a wide range of other key functions. A web based solution, hosted in the cloud, users can access a single source of data about the event from any internet connected device. Mobile applications allow users to capture data in the field and a host of publishing options enable data to be shared with stakeholders and the public as needed.


The event mapping solution is a critical resource for planning and operating a modern event.

Event Cartography

IDLdn provide an outsourced event cartography service to bring an events maps to life. From the initial development of a cartographic standard to the design of print or interactive electronic maps, our understanding of the event lifecycle and how maps are used allows us to provide high quality, brand aligned map products with minimal impact on the planning of the event. Our understanding of when and how maps are needed, along with insight into the types of data available enable us to efficiently produce both single products or thousands of unique operational  maps in the most cost effective and least disruptive way.


IDLdn can provide a full range of mapping cartography, from one-off maps to a complete outsourced event cartography solution.



Mobile Reporting

IDLdn specialise in designing and implementing low risk, high value mobile reporting solutions. Our approach is to use the best tools on the market to provide a rapidly deployed reporting tool which can be easily scaled to meet an organisation’s demands, from a few individuals to whole business needs. Our solutions focus on usability and simplicity to minimize user training, while embracing formal data modelling techniques to maximize the usability of the data generated.


Our reporting solutions have been used for construction management, issue reporting, safety, advertising enforcement, risk analysis, surveying, commercial planning and a wide variety of other applications.

Business Intelligence

IDLdn work with clients to bring periodic reporting into the information age. Creating real time business intelligence dashboards, tools and reports to enable up to the minute decision making. We utilize a wide variety of platforms and techniques to open up the data that an organisation captures and provide insight, trend analysis and decision support.

Our reporting tools enable up to the minute report generation for hour by hour situational awareness of a fast moving operation and automated aggregation of data to generate end of day and situation reports.




IDLdn have been at the forefront of using drone technology to assist the events industry. Drones offer a low cost, high value tool for both planning and operations. In the initial planning stages, drones can provide high quality, rapid site assessments to establish the optimum choice of operational sites and most suitable operational plans.


During operations drones can be used for situational awareness, hazard identification, security and promotional media capture.


Our understanding of the events industry, drone technology and current legislation on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles enables us to offer both consulting advice on the use of drones and complete drone services to support an event.

Innovative Solutions for Events