Aug 1, 2015

Incident Capture – the burning car

written by Mike

One of the more interesting applications of our reporting tools has been use in incident capture for events. For the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games one of our solutions was used to give real-time incident capture. Staff and volunteers were given an App which they could use to capture in real-time photos and videos of incidents happening in the field.

As the systems we provided enabled incidents to be uploaded immediately our staff in the central control rooms were able to instantly view the issues and make decisions.

One of the more interesting incidents was a car spontaneously catching alight in one of the parking facilities. Luckily no-one was injured thanks to a well planned out parking operation and excellent staff, however we were able to get video of the incident almost immediately, which enabled communications around the seriousness of the incident to be confirmed by all parties.

Having the ability to get instant notification and images from staff on site, the value of this solution became very clear to all involved and should feature highly on any future event control room wish list.