England Rugby World Cup 2015

Consulting, Drones, Maps

IDLdn were appointed official mapping supplier for the England 2015 Rugby World Cup, initially providing a cloud based event mapping solution to enable the event organisers to manage all their geographical information. This role was later expanded to provide all maps (over 1000) used for operations and publications. Working to tight timelines IDLdn were a key part of the success of this event. Our events expertise was used not just in map creation, but in assisting the planning and execution of the event, including the use of drone technology to provide aerial surveillance and operational imagery for the event.


• Development of a unique brand aligned mapping style

• Cartography of over 1000 professional maps

• Provision of an online GIS tool (EMS)

• Management of all ER2015 spatial data

• Provision of operational drones for planning, surveillance and operations


Event mapping solution for ER2015
Operational Drones