Consulting, Drones, Operations, Reporting
Working with IBI Group on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation Ontario, IDLdn developed a complete system for mobile reporting during the operations of the Toronto 2015 Pan and Para Pan American Games (TO2015). IDLdn also assisted in the set-up, management and operation the Spectator Parking Operations Control Center (SPOCC).
Operational Control
The SPOCC was the key operational hub for spectator parking operations and dealt with over 1M spectators, 2000 staff and 50 locations across 500km. In addition to setting up the control facility, IDLdn designed and implemented operational processes required for the facility. The facility was operational 24/7 for 64 days during the Games. During this time IDLdn provided key operational staff manage the facility.
Performance Metrics
As part of the development of the SPOCC, IDLdn set-up and managed performance metrics reporting on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation Ontario. This involved the development of mobile applications to collect data in the field (locations, hazards, photos, operational data).
Operational Intelligence and Reporting
The mobile reporting fed into a dashboard to provide a live interactive operational picture. This in turn generated the daily operational reports used by all levels of government to review the success of the operation. This was hailed as a great success and the province are currently seeking to re-use this approach as part of its disaster recovery programme.
Operational Drones
In addition to the innovation around cloud based mobile reporting, live interactive dashboards and the concept of a virtual control room (that could be operated from any location); we developed the operational use of drone technology to provide ‘eye in the sky’ response to incidents and operational issues. This innovative use of collecting live intel, streamed to the control room via the web, enabled a much higher level of operational intelligence.