Keller Group

Consulting, Reporting
Keller is the world’s largest ground works contractor. IDLdn were engaged to use technology to enhance the capture, reporting and communication of safety information to drive change globally. Utilising an existing SharePoint platform IDLdn set up a form based reporting system that captured data from around the world to generate highly detailed data on safety performance.
Safety Reporting
Workflows were created enabling senior management to be made aware immediately of any safety issues round the world. Training and communications were created to help staff to understand and use the reporting. Mobile and desktop based forms were created to enable users to enter data from any location, overcoming technical site based issues to enhance safety reporting. Following the introduction of the safety reporting system, the reporting of safety issues grew extensively, improving the global understanding of key safety issues and allowing the group to focus resources on critical elements of safety.
Intranet Design and Content Management
Built using an in-house SharePoint system this Intranet site formed a backbone of safety communications across over 100 countries. The site itself was branded to enhance usability, and a content manager was provided to ensure that the site remained fresh and active. Key statistics and feedback from reporting were incorporated along with various knowledge management principles to ensure the site remained current and useful.