London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games

Consulting, Maps, Operations, Reporting
Information Design London were responsible for leading the Knowledge Management Function for the Olympic Delivery Authority’s Transport organisation. This involved all the key information communications technology projects such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), transport extranet, reporting solutions for advertising enforcement, safety and operations.
IDLdn were responsible for managing the ODA spatial database and mapping capability. This formed the single source of truth for GIS data in the London 2012 Olympics used by all key stakeholders. In addition to managing the data, our consultants managed the cartography capability of the ODA. With over 4000 individual map products for the Games this required task management processes, cartographic standards and high levels of quality control.
IDLdn provided key reporting systems to enable advertising enforcement, safety, asset management, operations and performance metrics. These systems enabled users to capture data using mobile devices and feedback in real time the performance of the transport systems to control centers, daily reports and government performance monitoring centers.
Our consultants performed a number of crucial work packages including; health impact assessments, radio fleet mapping, 9001/18001/27001 management systems, document management,
Knowledge Management
IDLdn designed, built and managed various knowledge management tools including; stakeholder extranets, knowledge training manuals, library services, data visualisations and operational training.